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One of the biggest challenges a parent faces today is preventing their children from beginning a life of substance abuse. We all know, either directly or indirectly, someone who is facing these challenges.

Substance abuse destroys not only the lives of the abusers, but also the lives of family members, with little hope of treatment or rehabilitation unless you are living in or near a metropolitan area where help is available.

Substance abuse is generational. Over the years I have observed that parents who were involved in substance abuse in the 1980’s were also, many times, involved in acts of domestic violence. These acts occurred in the presence of their children. With little to no availability of treatment in Mohave County, this trait has been passed on to their children. Now, in 2010, those who grew up with parents as substance abusers are substance abusers themselves. Almost weekly I recognize the names of the young arrestees who are the children of those we in law enforcement arrested in the 1980’s. There will be no end to this cycle of tragedy unless residential substance abuse treatment becomes readily available in Mohave County.

Many hardworking individuals are trying their best to bring the badly needed services to our county to break this cycle. Unless we move forward and finally obtain a residential treatment facility that will handle the substance abuse problem in Mohave County, the problem will most certainly get worse. This is not a problem that will disappear if ignored. In fact, the problem has been ignored too long. It is time for all of us to do what is necessary in all of our communities to make a much needed substance abuse treatment facility a reality.

Within this document are the facts that tell the story.