On the 15th of February 2007, a group of Mohave County coalition representatives met to discuss the creation of a county-wide coalition to act as an overarching body to community and tribal coalitions.

Two objectives for this new county-wide coalition were decided upon: to promote communication, share resources and goal mapping among each community and tribal coalition in the Mohave County region and to facilitate collaborative partnerships among same.

Two representatives from each city coalition were selected to be part of a Steering Committee which would determine the name and By-laws of the county-wide coalition. The steering committee began meeting in March 2007. By June, the steering committee had completed the By-Laws and chosen Mohave Substance Treatment, Education and Prevention Partnership, with the acronym MSTEPP, as the name.

On September 21st, a preliminary MSTEPP meeting was held in Bullhead City and on October 5th the first official MSTEPP meeting was conducted at the Mohave County Administration Building. Since then, meetings have been held on a monthly basis. MSTEPP became incorporated as a non-profit organization a year later in September 2008.