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MSTEPP was established in 2007 to unite citizens throughout Mohave County in finding solutions to the substance abuse epidemic pervasive throughout our communities. At the time of MSTEPP’s formation, substance abuse was considered “out of control”. Unfortunately, current indicators suggest the problem has become significantly worse. MSTEPP seeks to break this unhealthy and heartbreaking trend by facilitating drug and alcohol education opportunities, encouraging substance abuse prevention programs and encouraging the development of high quality treatment programs which are accessible and affordable to all Mohave County residents.

In light of the findings revealed in its 2010 Mohave County Needs Assessment, MSTEPP has stepped up its efforts to bring a residential treatment center to Mohave County. Mohave County residents must travel farther than any other Arizonans to receive residential treatment. Furthermore, the cost of this treatment is prohibitive. It is MSTEPP’s goal to establish a treatment facility within Mohave County where high quality residential services are affordable, convenient, and family friendly.